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From my bookshelf…

When I searched for images of “sand under a microscope”, I was astounded by what I found.  Tiny shells and bits of beautifully coloured particles come together to make up this often neutral looking welcome mat to the sea.  I have a jar of sand from the shore of Miscou Island, New Brunswick.  But it never occurred to me to use it for any purpose other than to run my fingers through it from time to time or to admire it on my shelf.

“The Book of Crystal Spells – magical uses for stones, crystals, minerals… and even sand” by Ember Grant has opened up a new realm of possibilities for me.   Why hadn’t I thought of it before?

Blog - Ember Grant

Some of the information was familiar, like the section that outlines cleansing, charging, dedicating, centering, and grounding.  Even so, it’s still worth reading because you may learn a method you weren’t already familiar with that speaks to you in a way that others do not.

Any info on crystal elixirs and essenses always catches my attention.  Although I am fairly well-versed on the subject, it’s always good to read someone else’s perspective.  The most important thing to know is which crystals are toxic and which are safe.  Essenses are not consumed, so you can use whatever crystals you wish.  However elixirs made for the purpose of consumption need to be approached with caution.

Ember Grant also covers sand and glass spells, which I have never encountered before and found rather intriguing.  I am drawn to the ocean, often collecting stones and shells to bring home with me.  When I came back from Miscou Island, I was shocked to see that my suitcase weighed 30 pounds more than it did when I arrived!

I have a smokey quartz wand with a “window”.  I am not entirely certain what that means, so I have been drawn to learn more about the various types of quartz points.  Chapter 7 focuses on that and I look forward to re-reading it.

Manifestation Grid

I recently set up my first grid to help me manifest a goal and really enjoyed the process.  Ember has a chapter on this, as well and includes 12 grids for various purposes to get you started.

I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who is interested in crystals or incorporating other aspects of nature into their work.  I am always interested in chatting about crystals and would love to read any experiences you’re willing to share.


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Message from the Selkies

I tend to work on more than one project at any given time.  Among the stories that I am currently developing is one that revolves around Selkies.  The Selkies (or Seal-people) of Scotland originate in the seas around Orkney.  In Ireland, they are referred to as “Roane”.

Legend has it that Selkies come ashore, typically on the full moon.  They shed their skins and take human form for a short while.  If humans approach, they will grab their skins and return to the sea.  There are many stories of Selkie women who are trapped because a human fisherman has found their skin and thus they are obliged to remain with him and marry him.  But she will always pine for the sea and should she find her skin, she will take it and return to her true home.

Selkie men are more elusive and seem to be even harder to come across.  It is said that if a human woman sheds 7 tears into the sea, a Selkie man will come to her.  Like their female counterparts, they will marry but often leave a trail of broken hearts in their wake.  There is no love so strong that can compete with the sea.

I have several Faerie decks and only one has a Selkie card – The Fairy Ring Oracle.


Selkie Reading - Sept 7 2014

 Number Nine in the Autumn Court,

paired with my Aquamarine bracelet and Larimar pendant.


Divinitory Meaning :

“The Selkie indicates the ability to adapt to any situation and any environment.  Her lesson is a balanced approach and the need for fluidity, movement, and good co-ordination.”

Sometimes we are called upon to adapt to changes that we have little or no control over.  To fight this change is like trying to fight the tide.  A pointless effort that will only leave us frustrated and exhausted.  The key is to find a way to ride the waves until the waters are peaceful once again.

If you attempt to contact a Selkie with the intention of what you can gain, you will surely fail.  They are suspicious of humans, especially those with ulterior motives.   If you feel a pull toward the sea and simply want to connect, you may have better luck and only if you are patient.

Two crystals that will help this connection are Aquamarine, which will bring peace and serenity, as well as protection.  Another is Larimar or “Dolphin Stone” which brings with it the energy of dolphins.  It is also a stone for those searching for their true calling, and for those who feel a calling toward the ocean this can definitely be of help.

Do you have a connection to the sea?  What sorts of things do you do to deepen that connection?

I am working on a more in-depth post about Selkies and look forward to sharing that with you.

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Which crystal helps with… ?

Blue Lace Agate enables you to speak your truth.  Carnelian helps with creativity.  Green Opal opens your heart chakra.  Every crystal has a vibration and a purpose.  But what if you see one and can’t identify it?  Or you suddenly find yourself attracted to one type in particular, but have no idea why.

For the Blog - The Crystal Bible

“The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall is a must have for anyone wanting to learn more about crystals and how to work with them.  Each entry is complete with color photos of various specimens, as well as writeups on appearance, rarity, and source.  It also goes into detail about the attributes of that crystal, how to use it for healing, and what position on the body it should be placed/worn.  Some crystals come in various forms and in those cases, additional information/photos are provided.   It also contains info on how to choose crystals for healing, how to cleanse them, crystal shapes, and how to make gem elixirs.

I love to combine crystals to amplify their energy and strengthen my intention.  For example, did you know that using rose quartz is great for bringing more love into your life?  Did you also know that doing so can attract obsessive, possessive, jealous types?  Definitely not what we want.  But that doesn’t mean you have to turn away from rose quartz.  If you are using it with the intention of attracting a partner, then add amethyst to protect you from anyone who has these tendencies.

I have found many people want to manifest change in their lives, but are finding trust issues getting in the way.  When you order a meal at a restaurant, you trust the waiter is going to take your order to the kitchen and the chef is going to prepare it. You don’t get up from your table every 3 minutes to check on your food.  You place the order and then find other ways to occupy yourself until it arrives.  The same goes for manifestation.  You set your intention and then go about your life.  That doesn’t mean you can just sit on the couch and wait.  You have work to do.  If you want a new job, you have to send out resumes.  If you want a partner, you have to get yourself out there and meet people.  If you want to sell your house, you have to put it on the market.  They key is to trust that what you asked for will manifest.  Whatever you do, keep your thoughts positive.  You bring about what you focus on.

Chrysoprase and Labradorite

A combination that works well for helping trust the process is Labradorite (trust in the Universe) and Chrysoprase (trust in yourself).  You can wear the two stones or arrange them in a dish, placing it by your bed or on a table somewhere in your home.  In this dish, I also added a clear quartz to amplify the energy and intention.

For the Blog - The Crystal Bible 2

“The Crystal Bible 2” features over 200 additional healing stones, some of which were familiar to me, others I have never seen in person before.  The format is the same and has additional info crystal vibrations, chakra associations, cardinal points and directions, and how to create a gem essence.

I rarely put these two books away because I find myself referring to them constantly.  Their small format makes it easy to bring them along to your local crystal shop, as well.  Judy Hall recently released “The Crystal Bible 3”, which I intend to add to my library.

Whether you have been working with crystals for years or are just starting out, chances are there is at least one that you can’t seem to get enough of.  Do you have a favourite?

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Welcome to my Healing Room

I was not feeling well this weekend, so I did not attempt a reading.  Instead, I’ll start the week off with this post about my Healing Room.  

It must be Spring because I have this overwhelming urge to clean, organize, and de-clutter.  I live in a three bedroom house and find that, although the extra space is fantastic and I am extremely grateful to have it, I seem to collect a lot of clutter.  Not sure where it comes from or how it finds me.

I recently decided that I needed to get back into the habit of meditating, listening to more music, and tackling my “Must Read” shelf.  After wandering around the house and making some mental notes of things I wanted to change as well as stuff that I was DEFINITELY getting rid of ASAP, I decided to clear out and transform the spare room.

Healing Room - before and after

Here is the “Before and After” photo.  Believe it or not, I accomplished all this in just two evenings.  I may regret hauling that furniture around tomorrow, but it’s done and I love it!


Here is the little altar I put together.  Himalayan salt lamps are not only beautiful, but they really make a space cozy.  I have 10 of them throughout the house and am probably going to get a few more.

Healing Room - altar


Next up is the seating area.  I have been crocheting since I was about 15 and this is the first blanket I ever made myself.  The little table is one of two that my grandmother gave me.  She lives in Ontario, I live in Alberta.  I went out to help her move into a condo and she let me bring back a few things.  The tables fold down and I put them in my suitcase.  Yep.  I wanted them that badly.

 Healing Room - seating area


Three of my favourite things!  Books, music, and candles.  That is my TBR pile, which doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller in spite of the fact it’s now May.  Hmmm…

Healing Room - books n music

Just for fun, here is my bowl of tumbled crystals.  The bowl was given to me by my grandmother, who got it from her mother and I managed to get it home from Ontario without breaking it.  Slap my virtual palm, Bloggie Peeps!  I absolutely love the shape and it’s the perfect size.  These aren’t all of my stones, just the ones I am not using at the moment.

 Healing Room - bowl of tumbles

The best part about this little project is that it didn’t cost me a dime!  I already had everything I needed for this space.  Some of it was in other rooms of the house, some was in the basement collecting dust.  It’s amazing to me what you can do when you decide you don’t need to spend any money or get any more “stuff”.  Now, to tackle the basement…

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Guidance from the Unicorns!

I did readings for two friends this morning and the Unicorns seem to have a lot to say.  So for this week’s reading, I decided to use Doreen Virtue’s “Magical Unicorns” deck.  I am also trying a new spread that came to me today.  The Five Elements spread – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.

Let’s see what this week has in store!


Guidance from the Unicorns - March 30 2014 001


Earth (Grounding) – “Pets”

Guidance from the Unicorns - March 30 2014 002

Your love and understanding for animals is coming through.  I have Sighthounds and know that I find them to be a very Zen group of dogs.  Very calm and quiet.  They are also very sensitive to my emotions.  So if your pet is unsettled, perhaps look at how you are feeling.  Are they picking up on your stress, anxiety, anger, and frustration?  Animals are here to help us and to teach us, if we are open to the messages they have for us.

Crystal – Petrified Wood.  This is an excellent stone for grounding and is very gentle.  It is wood and rock combined, which doubles the energy of each and amplifies the energy without it being overwhelming.


Air (Release) – “Just Be Yourself”

Guidance from the Unicorns - March 30 2014 003

Are you holding on to old patterns or beliefs in order to fit in?  When we release what no longer serves us or no longer rings true to us, then it frees us to move forward.  To experience new things and learn about the world around us.  To discover who we have become.  When we are true to who we are, we attract like-minded people who can not only accompany us on our journey but learn from us and teach us.

Crystal – Green Calcite.  I know I have suggested this one before but when it comes to release, there isn’t a better choice.


Fire (Passion) – “Believe in Yourself”

Guidance from the Unicorns - March 30 2014 004

What you focus on, you will attract.  So if you focus on success, then success is sure to follow.  What is your passion, your soul’s purpose, your life’s work?  Do you find yourself being drawn to a certain interest time and time again?  What is preventing you from exploring that?  Typically what keeps us from realizing our dreams is a fear of failure, combined with a fear of success.  Yes.  A fear of succeeding.  If we succeed at this, then people will expect us to be brilliant all the time.  I will no longer have permission to try things and fail.  To this, the Unicorns say “PFFT!”  Don’t let fear control you.  Even if you “fail”, you will have learned something.  Even if all you learn is that “this is just not for me, thank you anyway”.  Sometimes learning what you don’t want leads you to what you do.

Crystal – Rose Quartz.  This is a loving, supportive stone that can help you love yourself enough to follow your dreams.


Water (Cleansing) – “Water”

Guidance from the Unicorns - March 30 2014 005

What a surprise!  The Unicorns definitely have a plan for us this week.  Drink more water, eat more fruit/veg, take care of yourself.  Part of release is releasing toxins and the key to that is water.  I recently started going to a local wellness center to use their infra-red sauna.  I was advised that the more water I drink, the more I will sweat (release).  I know I don’t drink nearly enough water, so I am working on that.  As I sat there, something interesting happened.  I started chanting “Release.  Release.  Release.”  I gave myself permission to just let go and the sweat started pouring off my body.  Sometimes all it takes is giving yourself permission to release and to heal.

Crystal – Blue Banded Agate.  This is a great stone to help balance the masculine and feminine energies.  It is also a stone of support in times of stress, enabling you to see things as they are so that you are not forced to try and find the truth through a forest of false beliefs.


Spirit (Intuition) – “Definitely Yes”

Guidance from the Unicorns - March 30 2014 006

Fantastic!  You have a question on your mind.  Something that I think you’ve known the answer to all along but just needed a little nudge.  Well, the answer is YES!  So, what are you going to do next?  You have confirmation that you’re heading in the right direction.  There is a saying “Sometimes the first step across the threshold of a new path is the hardest one to take.”  So follow the Unicorn!  Take a deep breath, take that first step and after that, the path will appear.  You’ll reflect back on that moment and smile, knowing that it wasn’t nearly as difficult as you made it out to be.  Whatever you do, don’t let negative self-talk creep in.  Tell your ego to take a seat and be on your way!

Crystal – Clear Quartz.  It’s a great crystal to use for anything and everything.  To focus our intentions, to help us see clearly, to provide us with support and protection as we move forward.  Not only that, it’s beautiful to look at and we can all use more beauty in our lives.

I hope you enjoyed this reading as much as I enjoyed doing it for you.  Definitely leave your comments below.  I am always interested in feedback and look forward to hearing from you.

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Guidance from the Faeries – March 23-29 2014

This week, I decided to use the “Faerie Ring” oracle deck.  The cards are divided into four Courts – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.  The Faeries appear in the season they are most often associated with and each Court has a King, Queen, Knave, and Lady.  There are also eight Festival cards for the Faerie Feasts of Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Midsummer, Lughnasa, Herfest, Samain, and Yule.

I was also guided to draw three cards.  Again, this represents a past/present/future reading.  With regard to the third card (future) this indicates what can be if the issue is resolved, the work done, the path followed. 

Reading - March 23 - 29 2014

 The cards are so detailed, I decided to take a photo of each so that they would be easier to see and you would perhaps be able to better receive any messages waiting there for you.

The first card that comes up is from the Spring Court.  Card Five is the Fairy Hart/Unicorn.  There are a few in this deck which have a duel image and this one came up reversed – with the Unicorn rightside up.  Unicorns have been coming up a lot lately for me, so this isn’t a huge surprise. 

Closeup of Cards - March 23 2014 001

Unicorns are as elusive as they are sought after.  It is believed that as soon as you stop the chase, they will appear.  Could it be you have been chasing something that always seems just out of reach?

This Unicorn brings with him great blessings.  A sign of healing, releasing anxiety, and the experience of pure joy.  When you release what no longer serves and open your heart to the gifts the Universe has waiting, you will find abundance in places you never expected.

The second card is a Fairy Festival – Herfest or “Harvest Festival” is celebrated at the Autumn Equinox.  This is a time when the hours of day and night are equal, darkness and light are in balance.  It is a time when you see the fruits of your labor and success through hard work.  It is also a time to reflect on how far you’ve come.  What lessons can you glean from your experiences? 

Closeup of Cards - March 23 2014 002

Faeries are especially interested in the harvest and farmers would often set aside an offering for them.  Part of this was to thank them for a successful season, part was to avoid the wrath of Faeries who may mean them harm.  Much like the balance of light and dark, there are both “light” and “dark” Faeries.  Is there anyone that you need to make peace with?  Are there relationships that must come to an end?  Ties you need to cut so that you may move forward? 

The third card is also a Festival.  Now, at a glance it may seem like this reading is all about parties and fun.  But a great deal of preparation goes into any celebration and that is something we need to remember. 

Closeup of Cards - March 23 2014 003

The card is the Festival of Beltane or “May Day”.  This time marks the beginning of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere.  Here we see a full moon and the Faerie Queen standing on a mound.  The other Faeries are lighting our way.

When the Beltane card appears, it is a sign of strength.  Of flourishing, growth, happiness, love, marriage, new relationships, virility, energy, and fertility. 

Life is a never-ending cycle.  We go through challenging times, take the lessons we are meant to learn, apply them in our own lives, see growth as a result, which in turn prepares us for future lessons.  If you are able to see the lessons and learn from them, you will be able to move forward and enjoy the new life that awaits you.  If you are looking for a new relationship (for example) you have to first do the inner work so that you can bring your best self to that relationship.  This can also be applied to a new job.  Are there any courses that you need to take?  Articles on-line that would provide guidance?  People that you should network with?  Perhaps there is a mentor waiting just around the corner. 

By letting go of relationships and situations that are not working for you, then you open the door to those that will.  If you choose to hang on to that which no longer serves (which is understandable, we all do from time to time) then you have to accept that you will delay your own growth.  But there is a lesson even in that decision.  Perhaps that person/situation has more yet to teach you.  Perhaps you can start to distance yourself or start to set boundaries so that when the time comes, it can be a gentle release.  Follow your intuition.  It will never steer you wrong.

I thought I was finished the reading and was about to publish this post when I had a nagging feeling that something was missing.  I kept hearing “Unicorn”.  So I decided to draw a single card from my new Doreen Virtue deck, “Magical Unicorns”.  Here is the message they have for us.

Unicorn Card March 23

The Simplicity card has this message “Put your energy into the basics, and let go of excess”.  Time to do some Spring Cleaning.  Old love letters, momentos, even clothing your ex left behind will be a block preventing a new relationship from blooming.  A messy office can be standing in the way of new projects coming forward.  A messy kitchen?  If you want to improve your health then removing stale energy is the first place to start.

Every time I’ve done a serious clean of my home, I find things that I thought I lost or forgot I had.  I also find that I have been hanging on to things I no longer need, want, or use.  I have even found a few things that I never liked to begin with.  Let it all go!

Behind the Unicorn, you can see a bridge.  This to me indicates that a new path is waiting to be discovered.  Clear away the clutter and the way forward will also become clear.


My Pietersite Pendant

The crystal that I am drawn to recommend is Pietersite.  It is an excellent stone to help you move through change and let go of any resistance or fear you may have.  While it is a gentle stone, it is also very strong.  It provides emotional support and can enable you to set things in motion.  This can be especially helpful if you feel that you are going through things alone or if things are such that you cannot discuss them openly.


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Faerie Guidance – March 16-22 2014

As promised, here is the very first weekly Faerie Oracle reading.  It is my hope to provide you with guidance for the coming week and perhaps some clarity on issues you may be facing or questions you might have.

This week, I drew three cards from Brian Froud’s “Faerie Oracle” deck.  This type of reading is often referred to as a “Past/Present/Future” spread.

Reading for the Blog - March 16 2014

First up, The Singer of Intuition.

The information we sought was there all along.  We simply have to open ourselves up and listen to the messages that are waiting for us.  When you ask yourself about the situation currently at hand, what are your initial thoughts/feelings?  We have all experienced times when we “should have listened to our gut”.  Listen now.  What is it telling you?

Next, Ekstasis.

When this card appears in a reading, it is a message that we are on the right track.  It is encouraging us to take the next step, to realize our dreams.  When we are experiencing joy in our lives, then this positive energy attracts more of the same.  Allow the joy to flow through you and open your heart.  When we share this joy and express gratitude, it multiplies.

Finally G. Hobyah.

Sometimes when we are on the cusp of realizing our dreams, false beliefs and unjustified fear creeps up on us.  This emotional housekeeping is necessary in order for us to heal before moving forward, so that we do not take any baggage with us.  G. Hobyah holds his crossed arms in front of him as if to say “You have a choice to make.  Will you go this way or that?”  We all have a choice.  If we choose to hold on to old patterns, then these patterns will repeat themselves.  If we choose to release what no longer serves, then we will experience a new way of thinking, acting, and experiencing the world around us.

A crystal that I find helpful when it comes to releasing that which no longer serves is green calcite.  It is one of the first crystals I started working with and remains one of my favourites.

Mmmm Green Calcite

Did the reading speak to you?  Did you gain any insight at all into any questions you may have?  I am always interested in feedback and look forward to hearing from you.


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