A collection of thoughts, lasting impressions, a gift to Ireland

These rocks these stones - trad night

One night, as we gathered for supper, Thorn asked us to choose a line from something we’d written that we felt best represented our personal journey to Ireland.  Something that spoke to us and that we would carry with us.

Each of us wrote our chosen line on a sheet of paper.  Thorn took the sheet back to her cabin and in the quiet hours of the night, combined those lines into a shared poem.

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These rocks these stones - the fox's den



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I am the land, the land is me

These rocks these stones - sky


“These rocks, these stones

this wind and loam, 

this sky”


Soon, it became our anthem…

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These rocks these stones - trad night


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A promise at the well

Ireland 2015 344


We stood

calling to Brigid

Asking nothing

for ourselves

But rather

offering to leave

something behind


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Ireland 2015 343



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The Hare in the Moon

She sat making notes about where she was heading, when to meet for lunch, and (most importantly) what time she needed to be back.  She didn’t want anyone to be waiting on her, much less a bus full of Pilgrims.

As they stepped out into the morning sun, they surveyed the area and headed toward their predetermined destinations.  Some would remain on the bus and head to Yeat’s Grave.  She had decided to explore Sligo with the others, taking advantage of a shopping day.

Carving 3

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Carrowcrory Cottage – Part 2

Carrowcory Cottage - Claire

“In the midst

of that deep night

I was awoken by

the screeching fox

and the night

was so fragrant and silent

said I couldn’t bear

to let it pass in slumber”


“Symbolic” by Claire Roche


Claire’s music brought many of the Pilgrims to tears.  She sat there, unable to do much else.  This magical creature was so talented, yet so humble.

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Carrowcrory Cottage – part 1

“Welcome!  Welcome!”, he said.  His arms open wide, he gestured toward the cottage.  “Go on up. I’ll be right there.”

The Pilgrims gathered outside, taking photos and chatting quietly.  Soon, they were taken though and out to the back garden, where the tree labyrinth was waiting.

Carrowcory Cottage - the chair

What else did Carrowcrory Cottage have in store?  Find out here :



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Sitting in complete darkness is but one aspect of the dance.

You will be cold.  Chilled to the bone.  Brought to the cusp of death, sat at the precipice, pushed to the edge.  You will have to make your way back.  Kicking and screaming, if need be.”

Morrigan's Cave

When my Pilgrimage brought me to Oweynagat Cave, I wasn’t certain what to expect.  Although I did not physically descend into the darkness, my experience was profound and I came away a changed person.

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