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The Celtic New Year is upon us!

I am a Pagan and follow a Celtic-based path.  It always seemed odd to me to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the middle of winter.  After I started studying Paganism, I understood why.  The Celtic New Year, or Samhain is November 1, which means that  Halloween, or “All Hallows Eve” is October 31.  Once I started following the Celtic Wheel of the Year and celebrating the changing of the seasons, December 31 ceased to have much meaning to me.

We find ourselves just three weeks away from Samhain.  A time to pay homage to those who have gone before and to sit in reflection of the year past and to not only set goals for the year to come, but make note of the adjustments needed in order to see those goals to fruition.

Reading April 6 002

One way to do that is a “Wheel of the Year” reading.  You draw a card to represent each month, starting with November and making your way around the Wheel to October of next year.  Then you examine not only each card individually, but how the cards relate to each other.  Soon, you will see a pattern and perhaps gain clarity with regard to what needs to be released, what direction you should take, what goals you should set for yourself, and perhaps even confirmation that you are indeed exactly where you are meant to be right now.

Guidance from the Unicorns - March 30 2014 006










I have been guided to offer a free Wheel of the Year reading.  I have several decks and typically listen to my intuition with regard to which one to use.  Or I am sometimes drawn to use more than one.  I will draw a card for each month, offering you both the meaning of the card and any messages I receive, as well as how the cards are interacting with each other.  I also like to recommend a crystal or crystals to help you with whatever messages come through.  I will e-mail you photos of the layout, as well as all of the notes I take during the reading.  The process typically takes about 2 hours.

Wheel of the Year reading

Just comment below if this is of interest.  I will use one of those fancy schmancy computer generators to pick a number and then post the winner’s name on Sunday, October 19th.

Thank you for stopping by!  I look forward to hearing from you.



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Solstice Blessings !

I can’t believe it’s already June 21.  Summer Solstice is the longest day and shortest night of the year.  A time when people gather to celebrate the Sun.

Midsummer Eve is a truly magical time.  The Faeries venture to the human world, many of them for the sole purpose of causing havoc and taking great delight in doing so.  It is said that the Selkies come ashore, shedding their skins so that they can be human for one night.  The gather and dance on the shore, but if disturbed or discovered they will grab their skins and head back out to sea.

Let’s look at the Midsummer card from the “Fairy Ring” oracle deck.  We can spot Robin Goodfellow and his friends, gathering for a celebration in the human world.  In the distance, but closer than at any other time of year, is a Faerie island.  It is said that on this day, humans are able to travel to the Faerie Realm.  But be warned.  They journey there can be straightforward.  The journey back, however is not.

Midsummer Card

“The Midsummer card ushers in joyful energies of magic, enchantment, consummation, culmination, celebration, delight, fun, light, illumination, and clarity.”

This is an excellent time to seek the guidance of the Fae in your own life.  To ponder the questions that you have been asking yourself.  To connect with Nature and take a moment to truly appreciate your surroundings.  If you are in an urban area, try to seek solitude wherever you can.  Find a way to plant your feet on the grass or the soil.  Take a walk through the woods or sit by the lake.

It’s a bit gloomy here and looks like we’re in for a wet summer.  I don’t mind the rain, but we had such a long, cold winter that I was hoping for a lot of sun, especially today.  So let’s look at the bright side.  It’s a perfect day to snuggle up on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book.  I hope to finish “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” and get back to work on my next novel.

Summer Solstice framed

What are your plans (or non-plans, as the case may be) for today?

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Guidance from the Fae

I love all things Faerie and have since I can remember.  Many moons ago, I attended an Oracle Reading workshop.  There were decks laid out and one of the exercises was to use our intuition to choose the deck that was right for us.  Naturally, I zoned in on the “Healing with the Fairies” deck.  But I wanted to do the exercise properly, so I tested a few.  There was a Unicorn deck that I was also drawn to.  It was absolutely gorgeous!  But my initial response proved correct and after completing the exercise, I learned the Faerie deck was the one for me.

Healing with the Fairies

Since then, I have acquired a few more, including “The Faeries Oracle” by Brian Froud and “The Fairy Ring”.  I probably won’t stop there.  Brian Froud has another deck, “The Heart of Faerie Oracle” and it’s on my wish list.  I may also pick up that Unicorn deck, since I still think about it from time to time.

The Faeries Oracle - Brian Froud

The Fairy Ring

I stopped doing readings for a while, but lately find myself more and more drawn to picking up the decks again and working with them.  I have also been getting a nudge from the Universe to do something more with them.  So…

Every Sunday, I will post a reading to reflect a message for the following week.  I am not a big fan of rules, so I’ll just go with what appeals to me at the moment.  I may post a single card, a three card (past/present/future) reading, or a full 11 card spread.  I may use one deck or combine a few.   I will post a photo of whatever comes up, along with the meaning of the card(s) as well as their relationship to each other and whatever messages I receive. 

I’ll post the first reading on Sunday, March 16.  I look forward to sharing this part of myself with you.

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Shelfie Saturday !

Actually it’s more of a “Deskie”, instead of a shelfie.  But like the Faeries, I am not big on playing by the rules.

Shelfie Saturday 001

My sister made this for me and gave it to me for Yule.  She found the card when she was in Tofino, BC.  The shadowbox was done by her.  See all the little mushrooms?  She made those out of clay.  There are also butterflies and a ladybug in there.  I opened the case and you can smell the moss.  She’s so talented.  I absolutely love it!

I had some time to reflect over the Yuletide, both about the Author Quest and future projects.  Some interesting characters came forward, new goals were set, and realizations made.  Stay tuned for more…

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Clap your hands if you believe !

If you believe, truly believe then you don’t need proof.  But that’s exactly what two little girls brought back from the bottom of the garden.  Proof of the existence of Faeries!

English: Frances Griffiths with Fairies.

English: Frances Griffiths with Fairies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most who are interested in Faeries are familiar with the story of two little girls named Frances and Elsie from Cottingley in Yorkshire.  They managed to capture photos playing with Faeries in the garden.  The photographs were the source of great debate and became the focus of many investigations over the years.

Based on the book “The Coming of the Fairies” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the film “Fairy Tale, a True Story” was released in 1997 and is a fictional account of the events leading up to and after the taking of the photos.  The combination of the quaint cottage setting and the special effects used to bring the Faeries to life is truly enchanting. 

Cover of "Fairy Tale - A True Story"

Cover of Fairy Tale – A True Story

Initially the girls only took two photos, which caught the attention of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who asked if he could use them in an article he was writing about Faeries for a magazine.  Conan Doyle was enthusiastic about the photos, as he was with all things paranormal.  Three years later, the girls were brought together again and (according to Wikipedia) asked to take more photos of the Faeries, in order to “place the matter of the photographs’ authenticity beyond doubt”.

Some were convinced the girls faked the photos, others believed with all their hearts they were real.  Years later, both girls claimed that the Faeries in the photos were indeed created with paper cutouts and held in place with hatpins.  But with regard to the fifth photo, Elsie insisted it was fake, while Frances never faltered.  According to Wikipedia, she was quoted as saying that

“It was a wet Saturday afternoon and we were just mooching about with our cameras and Elsie had nothing prepared. I saw these fairies building up in the grasses and just aimed the camera and took a photograph.”

Much like the Faeries themselves, it is said that Frances wished to remain hidden and deeply resented the interest in the photos.  She felt that people were fools to have believed them but didn’t have the heart to discredit Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Elsie, on the other hand felt that if people wanted to believe, what was the harm?  They didn’t, after all, set out to commit fraud and never dreamed that things would go so far.

For those of us who do believe, the film is a beautiful depiction of what we already know to be true.  That Faeries are real and can be found at the bottom of the garden if you look not only with your eyes, but with your heart.

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The Faeries Oracle

Years ago, I took an Oracle class at a local metaphysical shop.  Before the class began, about two dozen of Doreen Virtue’s decks were laid out for us to choose from.  The first part of the class was learning how to recognize and trust our intuition.  Then we were allowed to use these techniques to choose the deck we were meant to work with.  It wasn’t a surprise to me that I ended up with the “Healing with the Faeries” deck.

Healing with Faeries Deck

* Image from – no copyright infringement intended, will remove if requested.

For a while, I collected various decks and did readings for people.  My favorite is “The Faeries Oracle” by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth.  Because I am such a huge fan of Brian’s work, I instantly fell in love with this deck and looked forward to working with it.  Unfortunately, my enthusiasm wasn’t shared by my clients.  Most found the deck dark and disturbing.  They physically pulled away from it and asked me to use another deck.  This reaction was always a shock to me.

The most misunderstood card in all divination decks (whether they are Oracle or Tarot) is the “Death” card.  This is why, prior to any reading, I explain that the Death card does not indicate a physical death.  Rather, it is symbolic of the end of something and the beginning of another.  It could symbolize changing jobs, relocating to a new city, the end of a relationship, all of which mean letting go of the old so that you can embrace the new.  It’s actually a great card to come up in a reading and a shame that it isn’t seen as such. 

Part of the problem stems from Hollywood’s use (or perhaps I should say “misuse”) of divination tools such as Tarot cards, where the appearance of the Death card is always followed by the untimely physical death of one of the characters in the story.  

The first time I went through the cards, Brian Froud’s depiction of the Death card was the one I was most attracted to.  Unlike other decks I’ve seen, this card is elegant and rather beautiful.  She stands, shrouded in mystery and presenting a dark crystal ball as through to tell you that even she cannot see the future.  That unresolved aspects of your present must be confronted in order to move forward.  The future will unfold itself when the time is right and when everything is in alignment.  What that involves, of course, will depend on the other cards present in the reading.  

Death Card from the Faerie Oracle

* Copyright, Brian Froud – no copyright infringement intended, will remove if requested

It is said the card that calls to you is the one that holds the most significance in your life at that time.  Interestingly enough, I went through a considerable amount of change shortly after getting the deck.

I enjoyed doing readings but I stepped away from it after an especially trying time because I felt that my intuition had become clouded.  I haven’t decided whether or not to return to it, as writing is my primary focus.  For now, I will take some time to reacquaint myself with “The Faeries Oracle” and see what the future holds.


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Between land and sea, there is a place where myths are real.

“You’re going to love this movie!”

There was no escaping my Mom’s enthusiasm.  I had not even heard of “The Secret of Roan Inish”, but my mother is renowned for her exquisite taste in all things, so obviously I didn’t question her judgement.  

Cover of "The Secret of Roan Inish"

Cover of The Secret of Roan Inish

I was born in Miramichi, New Brunswick.  The salt and sand is in my blood.  Many legends speak of those born near the water and if they find themselves landlocked, they experience an indescribable longing that lasts all their days.  So understandably, I have always been drawn to any story that takes place near the water.  Even a glimpse of that life is enough to sustain me, if only for a little while.

The Secret of Roan Inish is set on the West Coast of Ireland in the 1940’s.  It follows a girl named Fiona who is sent to live with her Grandparents.  She soon becomes privy to the whisperings in the Village concerning her family’s relationship with the Selkies of Roan Inish and the truth about the disappearance of her baby brother, swept out to sea in his cradle.   

Selkies are a part of the Faerie Realm and can be found in Icelandic, Faroese, Scottish, and Irish legends.  They live as seals but are able to shed their skins and live on land.  If you find a Selkie’s skin and hide it from them, they are not able to return to their true form.  Many fishermen have taken Selkie brides, but soon realize that human rules do not apply to these beautiful and mysterious creatures. Not much has been written about Selkie men, but I do know that they typically seek out women who are unhappy in their marriages.  If a woman wants to call to a male Selkie, she must shed 7 tears into the sea.  This love affair will be like no other, but be warned, the Selkies cannot stay.  They must return to the sea, often leaving heartbreak in their wake. 

Stamp FO 580 of the Faroe Islands: The Seal Wo...

Stamp FO 580 of the Faroe Islands: The Seal Woman (kópakonan) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My mother was right.  “The Secret of Roan Inish” is a beautiful film and remains one of my favorites.  I went on a girls weekend to Canmore, Alberta a few years ago and brought it for our movie night.  As I was watching it, something occurred to me that hadn’t before.  A “what if” question started to form and from that, a story was born.  There’s nothing more exciting than diving deep into the myths and legends of the Faerie Realm.  I am still in the research phase and look forward to seeing where this one takes me. 

“The Secret of Roan Inish” is based on the novel “The Secret of Ron Mor Skerry” by Rosalie K Fry and newer editions of the book now boast the same title as the film.


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