About KS Thompson

KS Thompson

KS Thompson has never had to struggle to find story ideas.  Faeries have sparked her imagination since she can remember.  Fae Folk of all sorts have been known to appear from behind the pantry door, perched on top of the curtains in her office, and giggling among the flowers in the garden.  Some share their tales with smiles and the clapping of hands.  Others steal small objects for their own amusement.  A few simply grumble, asking questions like “How can you work with all these papers piled on your desk?”… “Is it my turn yet?” … and “Are you going to finish that biscuit?”

She had plenty of stories to tell.  What she was short on was the time to bring them to life.  The mundane world always seemed to get in the way and time spent writing became scarce.  As sometimes happens, days turned into weeks and weeks slowly collected into months like unopened junk mail on the table in the hall.

While taking a walk through the woods one rather gloomy spring day, she caught a glimpse of a young girl with short dark hair and dark eyes.  There was something strange yet not sinister about her.  She seemed familiar, somehow.  The writer continued on, searching through breaks in the trees until, much to her surprise, she found herself face to face with the strange girl.  They regarded each other for a moment, then the girl’s eyes narrowed and grew darker still.

We’re waiting.

The words were heard not with her ears but with her heart, for the girl’s lips remained still.  She wasn’t especially frightened, not by the girl anyway.  What scared her was the thought that the stories she loved so much may never be known to anyone else but her.

So she retreated from the mundane world to her cozy little home and immersed herself in the Faerie Realm.  Sipping tea and losing complete track of the time (as will happen when one visits the Fae), she continues to document the stories they are willing to share, passing them along to you.

K. S. Thompson is author of “Believe”, available for Kindle at Amazon.com.  She is currently working on her submission for “The Dark Crystal – Author Quest”.

Get your copy of “Believe” here :


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