Step inside the Fairy Ring…

I am so happy to be back into the swing of things!  This week’s Faerie Guidance comes from the Fairy Ring Oracle deck.

Faeries are often referred to as “elementals”, which refers to the element they are closely associated with.  I was guided to draw 5 cards, which represents the 5 elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.


Blog Reading - Sept 14 001

 I tried to take photos of the individual cards to share, but today the Faeries weren’t co-operating and all I managed to capture were blurs.  Just click the image to get a closer look.

The first thing I notice in the spread is the presence of two Fairy Festival cards.  These are of great significance and carry a lot of weight in any reading.  The Lughnasa card is associated with a Faerie mound and the Ostara card a Faerie island, so this tells me that there is a lot of ground covered in this reading.


Earth – “Lughnasa”

The Faeries are welcoming you.  It seems that it has taken you some time to reach the point where you feel grounded and centered.  It is time to reap the benefits of all the work that you have done in the last year.  Something to keep in mind is that the Universe will open many doors but it is you who has to take the next step.  You can stand there for a lifetime, wondering what is on the other side but too afraid to move forward.  Change, even when it is something we’ve asked for, can be a difficult process.  Take a moment and reflect on the goals you set, as well as all you did to work toward them.  Then trust in the fact this is all part of the process and take that step.


Air – “Befind”

Befind has come to you with her two companions.  She typically manifests at times of birth, marriage, or death.  Remember, that “death” means so much more than the physical.  It can indicate the end of one way of thinking/acting/believing and the beginning (or birth) of new ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and ways of living.

This card indicates a rite of passage and when it appears with Lughnasa, it tells me that not only will you reap the benefits of the work you have done, but you will also grow as a person.  A life-changing experience is on its way.  Embrace the change, for it is what you’ve sought, whether consciously or otherwise.


Fire – “Mermaid”

I know what you’re thinking.  The Mermaid is a water symbol.  Let’s look at it from a different perspective.  How many ships have sunk because of them?  How many men have lost themselves in search of them?  How many stories have been written about them?  The passion they ignite within us remains in the evidence they leave in their wake.

What are you truly passionate about?  Do you find something coming up in your life over and over again?  This is how the Universe tries to get our attention.  What messages are there, waiting for us?


Water – “Unseelie Court”

Here we have a gathering of 8 Faeries, three of which are skeletons floating toward the sky.  Not a group of characters you would want to meet in a dark alley, that much is true.  But they hold an important message for us just the same.

Not everyone wants us to change.  This is typically a fear-based reaction.  They are afraid that if we change, we will leave them behind.  So they do everything they can to keep us where we are.  They are stuck and they want company, no matter what it takes.  These people sometimes become so desperate, they transform into “dream squishers”.


“That’s a silly dream.”

“I know someone who tried that and it didn’t work.”

“You can’t make any money doing that.”


Sound familiar?  That’s the cry of the dream squisher.  They will say and do anything to turn you from your path.  They try to inject doubt and instill fear into those around them by using negativity.  This can be difficult to overcome and at times it means ending friendships or keeping family at an arm’s length.  Above all else, stay positive.  Sometimes your positive outlook can turn them around and soon you’ll find they’re just as excited about your goals as you are.  So much so, they start making changes in their own lives.

If that doesn’t work and they won’t let up, stop sharing information with them.  Come up with a gameplan that works for you, a timeline for your next step, new goals to achieve.  Light a candle and ask that you are led to the tools you need and the path you need to be on.  Ask that those who are on board with your plan are brought into your life.  Soon you will find yourself surrounded with people who not only support your goals but want to help you achieve them.

Take care when recruiting new allies.  Ensure they are of like-mind and not simply along for the ride.  If they seem to be far too interested in what’s in it for them, then it’s best to release them.  On the other hand, don’t be afraid to express your dreams.  You never know who might be able to help you.  A difficult balancing act, I know.  But you will see a benefit once you find that balance.


Spirit – “Ostara”

Ostara is the arrival of Spring.  The light after the long dark winter.  The appearance of this card indicates the overcoming of obstacles and the realization of your goals.

It is the dawn of a new day, filled with possibilities.  Creativity, emergence, energy, ideas, versatility, dexterity, idealism, and individuality.

This tells me that you will leave behind that which does not serve and embrace the new that presents itself to you.  The past will seem like a dream and when you look back at all you accomplished, you may find it hard to believe.  Patience and perseverance are the key.


Blog Reading - Sept 14 007

Change can be difficult, balancing both outside influences and your own insecurities.  I highly recommend working with Pietersite.  It helps you move through change without fear and to see situations for what they are and not what we imagine them to be.

Pictured are my Pietersite pendant, bracelet, and three tumbled stones. 

I hope this reading was helpful to you and welcome any feedback you may have.

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