Message from the Selkies

I tend to work on more than one project at any given time.  Among the stories that I am currently developing is one that revolves around Selkies.  The Selkies (or Seal-people) of Scotland originate in the seas around Orkney.  In Ireland, they are referred to as “Roane”.

Legend has it that Selkies come ashore, typically on the full moon.  They shed their skins and take human form for a short while.  If humans approach, they will grab their skins and return to the sea.  There are many stories of Selkie women who are trapped because a human fisherman has found their skin and thus they are obliged to remain with him and marry him.  But she will always pine for the sea and should she find her skin, she will take it and return to her true home.

Selkie men are more elusive and seem to be even harder to come across.  It is said that if a human woman sheds 7 tears into the sea, a Selkie man will come to her.  Like their female counterparts, they will marry but often leave a trail of broken hearts in their wake.  There is no love so strong that can compete with the sea.

I have several Faerie decks and only one has a Selkie card – The Fairy Ring Oracle.


Selkie Reading - Sept 7 2014

 Number Nine in the Autumn Court,

paired with my Aquamarine bracelet and Larimar pendant.


Divinitory Meaning :

“The Selkie indicates the ability to adapt to any situation and any environment.  Her lesson is a balanced approach and the need for fluidity, movement, and good co-ordination.”

Sometimes we are called upon to adapt to changes that we have little or no control over.  To fight this change is like trying to fight the tide.  A pointless effort that will only leave us frustrated and exhausted.  The key is to find a way to ride the waves until the waters are peaceful once again.

If you attempt to contact a Selkie with the intention of what you can gain, you will surely fail.  They are suspicious of humans, especially those with ulterior motives.   If you feel a pull toward the sea and simply want to connect, you may have better luck and only if you are patient.

Two crystals that will help this connection are Aquamarine, which will bring peace and serenity, as well as protection.  Another is Larimar or “Dolphin Stone” which brings with it the energy of dolphins.  It is also a stone for those searching for their true calling, and for those who feel a calling toward the ocean this can definitely be of help.

Do you have a connection to the sea?  What sorts of things do you do to deepen that connection?

I am working on a more in-depth post about Selkies and look forward to sharing that with you.

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