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Oh No !

Yesterday, I had this overwhelming need to surround myself with aquamarine.  Interestingly enough, it is my birthstone and for the longest time I felt like I was given the short end of the stick.  It’s not a very glamorous stone.  In fact, I found it rather boring.  Then, suddenly everything changed.  I let go of the resentment and started seeing the beauty in it.  The more I worked with it, the more I wanted to work with it.

I was going to go do a little shopping but kept getting a “no”.  So I sat with the feeling a bit.  Then I remembered that I bought a bag of raw aquamarine a while back, which was sitting in a bird feeder in my healing room.  I went in with the intention of taking a piece to sit with.  That’s when I noticed the dust.  I gathered it up and washed it in warm water, setting it on a towel to dry.  I went through the pieces, admiring them and was struck by how beautiful they were.  I was inspired to create a new arrangement and to add three pieces of smoky quartz.

Aquamarine Faerie

 I felt so strongly about the crystals that I felt there must be a message there.  I was guided to draw a single card today and imagine my surprise when this fella showed up!


Reading for the Blog - Sept 21 Oh No!


He is a trickster, so proceed with caution.  Keep your wits about you and your heart open.  Oh No has been waiting a long time to meet you and he’s ready to get to work.  His job?  Shaking things up a bit.  Shoving you out of your comfort zone.  Waking you up.

If you don’t stir the pot, things will end up stuck to the bottom and who wants that?  Sometimes things happen in life that aren’t what you wanted and certainly aren’t what you expect.  You can be stubborn and think the world is against you or you can see the blessing in every situation.  That’s when doors start to open.

Everyone who knows me has heard me say that my goal was to build a home on Miscou Island.  I would go on and on about how I couldn’t wait to move there.  But I didn’t do much to make that happen.  Every year I would tell myself that I would go there for a holiday and every year, I just couldn’t make it work.  Instead of asking myself where the obstacle was, I became resentful and sad.

When I told my sister it looked like I wasn’t going for yet another year, she suggested a trip to Victoria.  I hummed and hawed and was less than enthusiastic.  To be blunt, I was resistant and stubborn.  She went on to say it wouldn’t be that expensive and that it was so beautiful there.  I pondered for a while and then said it sounded good but that I wasn’t comfortable travelling alone.  More resistance and excuses.

“I’ll go with you.”

I couldn’t exactly argue with that.  We set a date, bought our tickets, booked the hotel and whale watching tour.  Then we started researching and it turned into quite an exciting adventure!  I was not in any way prepared to fall hopelessly in love with BC.  So much so that I have decided to make my home there.  It’s a three year plan, but it is a plan all the same.  I will write a more detailed blog post about my trip soon, but for now I wanted to share this shift in my thinking to illustrate how things can happen out of the blue that you weren’t planning and certainly weren’t expecting.  How a seemingly innocent suggestion that I visit a place that I’d never been and hadn’t considered could change the course of my life so dramatically.

Oh No had foiled my plans to go to New Brunswick because I was supposed to go to BC!

So when Oh No turns up, just go with the flow.  Sometimes it can get a little messy.  That just means it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.  Sometimes it can be rather abrupt.  That is just a sign that your attention is needed elsewhere.

Aquamarine is a stone of courage and was often given to sailors for protection.  It is sometimes referred to as “Mermaid Stone”.  It is also believed to counteract the forces of darkness, carrying the protection and love of the spirits of light.

Smoky Quartz helps raise your vibration, release what no longer serves, and offers you protection.  It will also help you make contact with like-minded people who can help you on your journey.

Oh No is here.  Are we paying attention?  Are we going to get to work so he doesn’t have to?  When something happens that is unexpected or not according to plan, take a moment and ask yourself “What’s REALLY going on here?  What am I missing?  What is the message?”  You may just find yourself on a path you didn’t even know existed.

Have you experienced a major course correction lately?  Was there ever a time when something took you by surprise and you realized that you were looking at a new direction you hadn’t even considered?  I look forward to you feedback and hope you have an amazing week!



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From my bookshelf…

When I searched for images of “sand under a microscope”, I was astounded by what I found.  Tiny shells and bits of beautifully coloured particles come together to make up this often neutral looking welcome mat to the sea.  I have a jar of sand from the shore of Miscou Island, New Brunswick.  But it never occurred to me to use it for any purpose other than to run my fingers through it from time to time or to admire it on my shelf.

“The Book of Crystal Spells – magical uses for stones, crystals, minerals… and even sand” by Ember Grant has opened up a new realm of possibilities for me.   Why hadn’t I thought of it before?

Blog - Ember Grant

Some of the information was familiar, like the section that outlines cleansing, charging, dedicating, centering, and grounding.  Even so, it’s still worth reading because you may learn a method you weren’t already familiar with that speaks to you in a way that others do not.

Any info on crystal elixirs and essenses always catches my attention.  Although I am fairly well-versed on the subject, it’s always good to read someone else’s perspective.  The most important thing to know is which crystals are toxic and which are safe.  Essenses are not consumed, so you can use whatever crystals you wish.  However elixirs made for the purpose of consumption need to be approached with caution.

Ember Grant also covers sand and glass spells, which I have never encountered before and found rather intriguing.  I am drawn to the ocean, often collecting stones and shells to bring home with me.  When I came back from Miscou Island, I was shocked to see that my suitcase weighed 30 pounds more than it did when I arrived!

I have a smokey quartz wand with a “window”.  I am not entirely certain what that means, so I have been drawn to learn more about the various types of quartz points.  Chapter 7 focuses on that and I look forward to re-reading it.

Manifestation Grid

I recently set up my first grid to help me manifest a goal and really enjoyed the process.  Ember has a chapter on this, as well and includes 12 grids for various purposes to get you started.

I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who is interested in crystals or incorporating other aspects of nature into their work.  I am always interested in chatting about crystals and would love to read any experiences you’re willing to share.

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Step inside the Fairy Ring…

I am so happy to be back into the swing of things!  This week’s Faerie Guidance comes from the Fairy Ring Oracle deck.

Faeries are often referred to as “elementals”, which refers to the element they are closely associated with.  I was guided to draw 5 cards, which represents the 5 elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.


Blog Reading - Sept 14 001

 I tried to take photos of the individual cards to share, but today the Faeries weren’t co-operating and all I managed to capture were blurs.  Just click the image to get a closer look.

The first thing I notice in the spread is the presence of two Fairy Festival cards.  These are of great significance and carry a lot of weight in any reading.  The Lughnasa card is associated with a Faerie mound and the Ostara card a Faerie island, so this tells me that there is a lot of ground covered in this reading.


Earth – “Lughnasa”

The Faeries are welcoming you.  It seems that it has taken you some time to reach the point where you feel grounded and centered.  It is time to reap the benefits of all the work that you have done in the last year.  Something to keep in mind is that the Universe will open many doors but it is you who has to take the next step.  You can stand there for a lifetime, wondering what is on the other side but too afraid to move forward.  Change, even when it is something we’ve asked for, can be a difficult process.  Take a moment and reflect on the goals you set, as well as all you did to work toward them.  Then trust in the fact this is all part of the process and take that step.


Air – “Befind”

Befind has come to you with her two companions.  She typically manifests at times of birth, marriage, or death.  Remember, that “death” means so much more than the physical.  It can indicate the end of one way of thinking/acting/believing and the beginning (or birth) of new ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and ways of living.

This card indicates a rite of passage and when it appears with Lughnasa, it tells me that not only will you reap the benefits of the work you have done, but you will also grow as a person.  A life-changing experience is on its way.  Embrace the change, for it is what you’ve sought, whether consciously or otherwise.


Fire – “Mermaid”

I know what you’re thinking.  The Mermaid is a water symbol.  Let’s look at it from a different perspective.  How many ships have sunk because of them?  How many men have lost themselves in search of them?  How many stories have been written about them?  The passion they ignite within us remains in the evidence they leave in their wake.

What are you truly passionate about?  Do you find something coming up in your life over and over again?  This is how the Universe tries to get our attention.  What messages are there, waiting for us?


Water – “Unseelie Court”

Here we have a gathering of 8 Faeries, three of which are skeletons floating toward the sky.  Not a group of characters you would want to meet in a dark alley, that much is true.  But they hold an important message for us just the same.

Not everyone wants us to change.  This is typically a fear-based reaction.  They are afraid that if we change, we will leave them behind.  So they do everything they can to keep us where we are.  They are stuck and they want company, no matter what it takes.  These people sometimes become so desperate, they transform into “dream squishers”.


“That’s a silly dream.”

“I know someone who tried that and it didn’t work.”

“You can’t make any money doing that.”


Sound familiar?  That’s the cry of the dream squisher.  They will say and do anything to turn you from your path.  They try to inject doubt and instill fear into those around them by using negativity.  This can be difficult to overcome and at times it means ending friendships or keeping family at an arm’s length.  Above all else, stay positive.  Sometimes your positive outlook can turn them around and soon you’ll find they’re just as excited about your goals as you are.  So much so, they start making changes in their own lives.

If that doesn’t work and they won’t let up, stop sharing information with them.  Come up with a gameplan that works for you, a timeline for your next step, new goals to achieve.  Light a candle and ask that you are led to the tools you need and the path you need to be on.  Ask that those who are on board with your plan are brought into your life.  Soon you will find yourself surrounded with people who not only support your goals but want to help you achieve them.

Take care when recruiting new allies.  Ensure they are of like-mind and not simply along for the ride.  If they seem to be far too interested in what’s in it for them, then it’s best to release them.  On the other hand, don’t be afraid to express your dreams.  You never know who might be able to help you.  A difficult balancing act, I know.  But you will see a benefit once you find that balance.


Spirit – “Ostara”

Ostara is the arrival of Spring.  The light after the long dark winter.  The appearance of this card indicates the overcoming of obstacles and the realization of your goals.

It is the dawn of a new day, filled with possibilities.  Creativity, emergence, energy, ideas, versatility, dexterity, idealism, and individuality.

This tells me that you will leave behind that which does not serve and embrace the new that presents itself to you.  The past will seem like a dream and when you look back at all you accomplished, you may find it hard to believe.  Patience and perseverance are the key.


Blog Reading - Sept 14 007

Change can be difficult, balancing both outside influences and your own insecurities.  I highly recommend working with Pietersite.  It helps you move through change without fear and to see situations for what they are and not what we imagine them to be.

Pictured are my Pietersite pendant, bracelet, and three tumbled stones. 

I hope this reading was helpful to you and welcome any feedback you may have.

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No singing crabs here…

I am a big fan of Ariel Bissett.  For those who don’t know her, she’s a BookTuber from Ontario whose enthusiasm for books is contagious.  Just when I think I couldn’t possibly love her any more, I find out she has a thing for mermaids!  One of her videos, entitled “Mermaid May”, caught my eye.  Watch it here :

I went on a little expedition to see what I could find in my local bookshop.  I have an eReader, but there’s something about perusing the shelves and having the physical book in your hands.  Having said that, I didn’t have as much luck as I’d hoped.  The book that I was really interested in was “Fathomless” by Jackson Pearce.  Unfortunately, it seems that my timing isn’t the best because it wasn’t available.

I wandered over to the bargain section and found “Lies Beneath” by Anne Greenwood Brown.  I opened it and was hooked by the first sentence on the dust jacket.

“Calder White lives in the cold, clear waters of Lake Superior, the only brother in a family of murderous mermaids.”

It’s a dark twist on the mermaid mythos and was priced at 4.99 so I decided to give it a chance.

For the Blog - What Lies Beneath

 In my efforts to be artistic, it seems I have all but obliterated the cover.

I am always interested in different takes on the origins, social structure, and behaviour of familiar characters.  In this story, there’s an interesting twist.

“The ancient legends had it all backwards about merpeople.  We didn’t lure humans’ ships onto the rocks.  Human beings were the happy, shiny lures that caught our attention.”

The merpeople can see our auras and our happiness is something they crave.  Carrying a human down, down, down, they absorb that energy while their victim drowns.  Much like a vampire needs human blood to sustain themselves, merpeople need our happiness.

This particular family has revenge on their minds.  They blame Jason Hancock for their mother’s death and although he is long gone, his descendants will pay the price for what they see as the ultimate betrayal.  But as with all things, this plan isn’t as simple as they assume.  Lily is Jason’s granddaughter and while she is the intended bait, she proves to be a lure that Calder finds difficult to resist.

I found this book an easy, yet enjoyable read.  I have to admit I was a bit disappointed when I discovered this was the first book in a series.  I know that sounds odd, but I prefer stand-alone titles because I have zero patience and can’t deal with having to wait for the next book to come out.  Thankfully, it seems that this is the first in a trilogy, with “Deep Betrayal” and “Promise Bound” available now.  There’s a definite benefit to discovering trilogies later on.

I am intrigued and will most likely continue with the series.  If you’re looking for an easy read to take with you on holiday or just a little something to help you decompress from reality, this is a good choice.

Are there any mermaid books you recommend?

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Message from the Selkies

I tend to work on more than one project at any given time.  Among the stories that I am currently developing is one that revolves around Selkies.  The Selkies (or Seal-people) of Scotland originate in the seas around Orkney.  In Ireland, they are referred to as “Roane”.

Legend has it that Selkies come ashore, typically on the full moon.  They shed their skins and take human form for a short while.  If humans approach, they will grab their skins and return to the sea.  There are many stories of Selkie women who are trapped because a human fisherman has found their skin and thus they are obliged to remain with him and marry him.  But she will always pine for the sea and should she find her skin, she will take it and return to her true home.

Selkie men are more elusive and seem to be even harder to come across.  It is said that if a human woman sheds 7 tears into the sea, a Selkie man will come to her.  Like their female counterparts, they will marry but often leave a trail of broken hearts in their wake.  There is no love so strong that can compete with the sea.

I have several Faerie decks and only one has a Selkie card – The Fairy Ring Oracle.


Selkie Reading - Sept 7 2014

 Number Nine in the Autumn Court,

paired with my Aquamarine bracelet and Larimar pendant.


Divinitory Meaning :

“The Selkie indicates the ability to adapt to any situation and any environment.  Her lesson is a balanced approach and the need for fluidity, movement, and good co-ordination.”

Sometimes we are called upon to adapt to changes that we have little or no control over.  To fight this change is like trying to fight the tide.  A pointless effort that will only leave us frustrated and exhausted.  The key is to find a way to ride the waves until the waters are peaceful once again.

If you attempt to contact a Selkie with the intention of what you can gain, you will surely fail.  They are suspicious of humans, especially those with ulterior motives.   If you feel a pull toward the sea and simply want to connect, you may have better luck and only if you are patient.

Two crystals that will help this connection are Aquamarine, which will bring peace and serenity, as well as protection.  Another is Larimar or “Dolphin Stone” which brings with it the energy of dolphins.  It is also a stone for those searching for their true calling, and for those who feel a calling toward the ocean this can definitely be of help.

Do you have a connection to the sea?  What sorts of things do you do to deepen that connection?

I am working on a more in-depth post about Selkies and look forward to sharing that with you.

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Which crystal helps with… ?

Blue Lace Agate enables you to speak your truth.  Carnelian helps with creativity.  Green Opal opens your heart chakra.  Every crystal has a vibration and a purpose.  But what if you see one and can’t identify it?  Or you suddenly find yourself attracted to one type in particular, but have no idea why.

For the Blog - The Crystal Bible

“The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall is a must have for anyone wanting to learn more about crystals and how to work with them.  Each entry is complete with color photos of various specimens, as well as writeups on appearance, rarity, and source.  It also goes into detail about the attributes of that crystal, how to use it for healing, and what position on the body it should be placed/worn.  Some crystals come in various forms and in those cases, additional information/photos are provided.   It also contains info on how to choose crystals for healing, how to cleanse them, crystal shapes, and how to make gem elixirs.

I love to combine crystals to amplify their energy and strengthen my intention.  For example, did you know that using rose quartz is great for bringing more love into your life?  Did you also know that doing so can attract obsessive, possessive, jealous types?  Definitely not what we want.  But that doesn’t mean you have to turn away from rose quartz.  If you are using it with the intention of attracting a partner, then add amethyst to protect you from anyone who has these tendencies.

I have found many people want to manifest change in their lives, but are finding trust issues getting in the way.  When you order a meal at a restaurant, you trust the waiter is going to take your order to the kitchen and the chef is going to prepare it. You don’t get up from your table every 3 minutes to check on your food.  You place the order and then find other ways to occupy yourself until it arrives.  The same goes for manifestation.  You set your intention and then go about your life.  That doesn’t mean you can just sit on the couch and wait.  You have work to do.  If you want a new job, you have to send out resumes.  If you want a partner, you have to get yourself out there and meet people.  If you want to sell your house, you have to put it on the market.  They key is to trust that what you asked for will manifest.  Whatever you do, keep your thoughts positive.  You bring about what you focus on.

Chrysoprase and Labradorite

A combination that works well for helping trust the process is Labradorite (trust in the Universe) and Chrysoprase (trust in yourself).  You can wear the two stones or arrange them in a dish, placing it by your bed or on a table somewhere in your home.  In this dish, I also added a clear quartz to amplify the energy and intention.

For the Blog - The Crystal Bible 2

“The Crystal Bible 2” features over 200 additional healing stones, some of which were familiar to me, others I have never seen in person before.  The format is the same and has additional info crystal vibrations, chakra associations, cardinal points and directions, and how to create a gem essence.

I rarely put these two books away because I find myself referring to them constantly.  Their small format makes it easy to bring them along to your local crystal shop, as well.  Judy Hall recently released “The Crystal Bible 3”, which I intend to add to my library.

Whether you have been working with crystals for years or are just starting out, chances are there is at least one that you can’t seem to get enough of.  Do you have a favourite?

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