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Sometimes all it takes is a Bright Spark

I have had a lot of “stuff” going on in my personal life.  Summer has a way of doing that, doesn’t it?  Living on the Canadian Prairies means packing as much fun as you can into just a few weeks.  Before you know it, fall is here and the weather goes from overwhelmingly hot to somewhat chilly, literally overnight.

I thought a Faerie Guidance reading was long overdue and was drawn to use the Heart of Faerie deck by Brian and Wendy Froud.  When I was shuffling the cards, the Bright Spark jumped out onto the table.  Isn’t she cute?  She certainly grabbed my attention and as it turns out, that’s exactly her purpose.  Let’s see what messages she has for us.

Sometimes it feels like everyone around us has gone mad.  You suddenly find yourself wandering through unfamiliar territory where just a week ago, you were sailing along as though you hadn’t a care in the world.  Something needs to change, but you have no idea where to start.

What you’re looking for is the Bright Spark.  That tiny flash of light.  That slight hint that what you need is “over here”.  This card certainly resonates with me.

Faerie Guidance for the Blog - Aug 24


When you’ve wandered off the path, it’s usually because you get caught up in other people’s drama.  Or perhaps you’re causing your own issues, getting wound up in things that really don’t matter all that much when you step back and look at them.  It is a slow process, so you’re usually unaware of it until things get completely out of control.  Now is the time to ask yourself why.  If you are being drawn in by others or if it is a case where you are causing a whirlwind of inner conflict, the question remains the same.  Why am I attracted to the drama?  Am I bored and simply wanting to shake things up?  Am I frustrated with my situation and looking for a way out?

Call upon the Bright Spark.  She can help you sort through the situation.  Once you can see the root of it, you can find the lesson waiting there, and thus a way to turn things around.  Once that happens, you can untangle yourself from the drama and find your way back to where you’re meant to be.  Best of all, you will have been able to resolve things within yourself and recognize when you’re being distracted in the future.

Are you finding yourself restless?  Are you looking for a change?  Ask the Bright Spark for help and then get ready for that flash of inspiration!


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