Welcome to my Healing Room

I was not feeling well this weekend, so I did not attempt a reading.  Instead, I’ll start the week off with this post about my Healing Room.  

It must be Spring because I have this overwhelming urge to clean, organize, and de-clutter.  I live in a three bedroom house and find that, although the extra space is fantastic and I am extremely grateful to have it, I seem to collect a lot of clutter.  Not sure where it comes from or how it finds me.

I recently decided that I needed to get back into the habit of meditating, listening to more music, and tackling my “Must Read” shelf.  After wandering around the house and making some mental notes of things I wanted to change as well as stuff that I was DEFINITELY getting rid of ASAP, I decided to clear out and transform the spare room.

Healing Room - before and after

Here is the “Before and After” photo.  Believe it or not, I accomplished all this in just two evenings.  I may regret hauling that furniture around tomorrow, but it’s done and I love it!


Here is the little altar I put together.  Himalayan salt lamps are not only beautiful, but they really make a space cozy.  I have 10 of them throughout the house and am probably going to get a few more.

Healing Room - altar


Next up is the seating area.  I have been crocheting since I was about 15 and this is the first blanket I ever made myself.  The little table is one of two that my grandmother gave me.  She lives in Ontario, I live in Alberta.  I went out to help her move into a condo and she let me bring back a few things.  The tables fold down and I put them in my suitcase.  Yep.  I wanted them that badly.

 Healing Room - seating area


Three of my favourite things!  Books, music, and candles.  That is my TBR pile, which doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller in spite of the fact it’s now May.  Hmmm…

Healing Room - books n music

Just for fun, here is my bowl of tumbled crystals.  The bowl was given to me by my grandmother, who got it from her mother and I managed to get it home from Ontario without breaking it.  Slap my virtual palm, Bloggie Peeps!  I absolutely love the shape and it’s the perfect size.  These aren’t all of my stones, just the ones I am not using at the moment.

 Healing Room - bowl of tumbles

The best part about this little project is that it didn’t cost me a dime!  I already had everything I needed for this space.  Some of it was in other rooms of the house, some was in the basement collecting dust.  It’s amazing to me what you can do when you decide you don’t need to spend any money or get any more “stuff”.  Now, to tackle the basement…


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