Unicorn Guidance

It’s been a very Unicorn weekend!  Naturally, it is to the Unicorns that I turn for this week’s guidance.

I decided to draw a single card, for the magick from a single Unicorn is among the strongest there is.  The card that came up for us is “Relax – Everything’s OK”.

Unicorn Reading April 27 002


Do you feel vulnerable?  Vulnerability is natural and sometimes it is necessary.  We need to allow ourselves to be vulnerable in our relationships, to allow others to care for us at times just as we care for them.  This is especially the case in romantic relationships.  Our partner needs to know that we trust them enough to be vulnerable.  We have to let down our guard in order to allow them to get closer to us.

Much like the Unicorn, some people need to be approached carefully.  Their trust is won over time, not freely given.  If things progress too quickly or they feel threatened, they will bolt and you will likely never see them again, at least not in the same way.  Their guard will be up, preventing us from seeing the “real” magick they bring with them.

Sometimes we feel threatened by situations.  Worry surrounding financial security is the number one cause of stress.  We start to question EVERYTHING from our job to our home to our car to spending even 5 dollars treating ourselves to lunch.  We slide into a fear-based mindset when it comes to money and no matter how tightly we try to hold on to it, we helplessly watch it slip away.  We stop opening our mail.  Stop answering the phone.  Become virtual prisoners in our homes.

 The Unicorns can sense this energy around us and are here to remind us that all is well.  We have weathered more serious storms than this.  Take refuge in knowing that they have come forward to support us and that the answers you seek will appear once we release the fear.


Selenite Alicorn


The crystal that came forward was Selenite.  I am fortunate to have this beautiful Alicorn in my collection.  Selenite connects to the angelic realm, spirit guides, and positive beings of light, like Unicorns.  It offers security and certainty to help you through troubling times.  It aligns the spinal column and promotes flexibility.  Yoga is an excellent stress-reliever and helps bring you balance, so place a piece of selenite near or on your yoga mat while you work out.  Large pieces in a home promote a peaceful atmosphere.  This calming stone instills deep peace, opens the crown chakra, and helps children feel nurtured.  It also comes in many forms, from raw to tumbled and even sculpted into hearts, eggs, and alicorns such as this one.  When you go searching for selenite, the piece that will provide the most help to you will call out to you and it may take a form that you were not expecting.

Now, what do George RR Martin and Peter S Beagle have in common?  (other than the fact they are authors, of course )  Stay tuned for the answer!



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One response to “Unicorn Guidance

  1. Alana

    This is such a timely reading for me. First, I love unicorns….who doesn’t….at least I can imagine who wouldn’t unless they had a heart steeped in evil. I digress. It is no coincidence that my dear hubby and I just had a conversation about vulnerability in our relationship, and I sit down to the computer and there you are with this reading. Secondly, I recently purchased a wee selenite stone for all the reasons you share here, misplaced it (actually I took it traveling with me and failed to replace it to is usual home), and then found it this past week after an exhaustive search. So, magic is indeed in the air! Thank you for this lovely and pertinent reading. I am relaxing and opening my heart to Her guidance and love. All is well!
    Blessings in the coming week,

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