Guidance from the Unicorns!

I did readings for two friends this morning and the Unicorns seem to have a lot to say.  So for this week’s reading, I decided to use Doreen Virtue’s “Magical Unicorns” deck.  I am also trying a new spread that came to me today.  The Five Elements spread – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.

Let’s see what this week has in store!


Guidance from the Unicorns - March 30 2014 001


Earth (Grounding) – “Pets”

Guidance from the Unicorns - March 30 2014 002

Your love and understanding for animals is coming through.  I have Sighthounds and know that I find them to be a very Zen group of dogs.  Very calm and quiet.  They are also very sensitive to my emotions.  So if your pet is unsettled, perhaps look at how you are feeling.  Are they picking up on your stress, anxiety, anger, and frustration?  Animals are here to help us and to teach us, if we are open to the messages they have for us.

Crystal – Petrified Wood.  This is an excellent stone for grounding and is very gentle.  It is wood and rock combined, which doubles the energy of each and amplifies the energy without it being overwhelming.


Air (Release) – “Just Be Yourself”

Guidance from the Unicorns - March 30 2014 003

Are you holding on to old patterns or beliefs in order to fit in?  When we release what no longer serves us or no longer rings true to us, then it frees us to move forward.  To experience new things and learn about the world around us.  To discover who we have become.  When we are true to who we are, we attract like-minded people who can not only accompany us on our journey but learn from us and teach us.

Crystal – Green Calcite.  I know I have suggested this one before but when it comes to release, there isn’t a better choice.


Fire (Passion) – “Believe in Yourself”

Guidance from the Unicorns - March 30 2014 004

What you focus on, you will attract.  So if you focus on success, then success is sure to follow.  What is your passion, your soul’s purpose, your life’s work?  Do you find yourself being drawn to a certain interest time and time again?  What is preventing you from exploring that?  Typically what keeps us from realizing our dreams is a fear of failure, combined with a fear of success.  Yes.  A fear of succeeding.  If we succeed at this, then people will expect us to be brilliant all the time.  I will no longer have permission to try things and fail.  To this, the Unicorns say “PFFT!”  Don’t let fear control you.  Even if you “fail”, you will have learned something.  Even if all you learn is that “this is just not for me, thank you anyway”.  Sometimes learning what you don’t want leads you to what you do.

Crystal – Rose Quartz.  This is a loving, supportive stone that can help you love yourself enough to follow your dreams.


Water (Cleansing) – “Water”

Guidance from the Unicorns - March 30 2014 005

What a surprise!  The Unicorns definitely have a plan for us this week.  Drink more water, eat more fruit/veg, take care of yourself.  Part of release is releasing toxins and the key to that is water.  I recently started going to a local wellness center to use their infra-red sauna.  I was advised that the more water I drink, the more I will sweat (release).  I know I don’t drink nearly enough water, so I am working on that.  As I sat there, something interesting happened.  I started chanting “Release.  Release.  Release.”  I gave myself permission to just let go and the sweat started pouring off my body.  Sometimes all it takes is giving yourself permission to release and to heal.

Crystal – Blue Banded Agate.  This is a great stone to help balance the masculine and feminine energies.  It is also a stone of support in times of stress, enabling you to see things as they are so that you are not forced to try and find the truth through a forest of false beliefs.


Spirit (Intuition) – “Definitely Yes”

Guidance from the Unicorns - March 30 2014 006

Fantastic!  You have a question on your mind.  Something that I think you’ve known the answer to all along but just needed a little nudge.  Well, the answer is YES!  So, what are you going to do next?  You have confirmation that you’re heading in the right direction.  There is a saying “Sometimes the first step across the threshold of a new path is the hardest one to take.”  So follow the Unicorn!  Take a deep breath, take that first step and after that, the path will appear.  You’ll reflect back on that moment and smile, knowing that it wasn’t nearly as difficult as you made it out to be.  Whatever you do, don’t let negative self-talk creep in.  Tell your ego to take a seat and be on your way!

Crystal – Clear Quartz.  It’s a great crystal to use for anything and everything.  To focus our intentions, to help us see clearly, to provide us with support and protection as we move forward.  Not only that, it’s beautiful to look at and we can all use more beauty in our lives.

I hope you enjoyed this reading as much as I enjoyed doing it for you.  Definitely leave your comments below.  I am always interested in feedback and look forward to hearing from you.

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One response to “Guidance from the Unicorns!

  1. Alana

    What an insightful and helpful reading!!! Thank you!!
    Because of the messages from the unicorns, I sent for this deck, and no surprise, I pulled every one of these cards (except the Yes card) this past week. With the work I did this morning, it was time for Yes to show up!

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