9 Random Childhood Memories

As I was heading home the other day, I took an unexpected trip down memory lane.  I have no idea what set this off, but I had an enjoyable drive home.  When I look at this list I find myself thinking that I was an odd little duck.  Then I jump to my own defense, declaring “I wasn’t weird.  I was CREATIVE!”  For example :

I would fill my lite brite with colored pegs in a random pattern, then sit and marvel at my creation.  It wasn’t the artwork itself, but the glow of the colored lights that appealed to me.

I also spent a mind-boggling amount of time staring at the Christmas tree.


I wore my ice skates in the house and “skated” on the lino.  No idea how my parent’s never found out about that.

I got one of those candy-filled tubes with the plastic cartoon head on the top.  I decided it would make a great finger puppet, so I forced it onto the end of my index finger, where it became stuck.

Jim Henson’s “The Frog Prince” scared the crap out of me.

My friends and I would play “haunted house”.  I would come up with these complex backstories and intricate characters.  The response was disappointing.  They wanted blood, guts, and gore.  I was giving them a psychological thriller.

I played “Mermaid” in the tub and flooded the floor on a regular basis.  My parents DID find out and were not at all happy about it.

Opening line The Little Mermaid

I memorized the book “Barney Beagle Plays Baseball” and my mother would hear me reciting it in my crib.

I had a Fisher Price radio that played “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head”.  I would wind it up and hold it to my ear so I could hear the whir of the music box motor as it played.  I’m surprised I didn’t deafen myself.

So, what sort of weird stuff did you do as a kid?  Feel free to liberate my idea for your own blog.  I would love to see what everyone else remembers.

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