Guidance from the Faeries – March 23-29 2014

This week, I decided to use the “Faerie Ring” oracle deck.  The cards are divided into four Courts – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.  The Faeries appear in the season they are most often associated with and each Court has a King, Queen, Knave, and Lady.  There are also eight Festival cards for the Faerie Feasts of Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Midsummer, Lughnasa, Herfest, Samain, and Yule.

I was also guided to draw three cards.  Again, this represents a past/present/future reading.  With regard to the third card (future) this indicates what can be if the issue is resolved, the work done, the path followed. 

Reading - March 23 - 29 2014

 The cards are so detailed, I decided to take a photo of each so that they would be easier to see and you would perhaps be able to better receive any messages waiting there for you.

The first card that comes up is from the Spring Court.  Card Five is the Fairy Hart/Unicorn.  There are a few in this deck which have a duel image and this one came up reversed – with the Unicorn rightside up.  Unicorns have been coming up a lot lately for me, so this isn’t a huge surprise. 

Closeup of Cards - March 23 2014 001

Unicorns are as elusive as they are sought after.  It is believed that as soon as you stop the chase, they will appear.  Could it be you have been chasing something that always seems just out of reach?

This Unicorn brings with him great blessings.  A sign of healing, releasing anxiety, and the experience of pure joy.  When you release what no longer serves and open your heart to the gifts the Universe has waiting, you will find abundance in places you never expected.

The second card is a Fairy Festival – Herfest or “Harvest Festival” is celebrated at the Autumn Equinox.  This is a time when the hours of day and night are equal, darkness and light are in balance.  It is a time when you see the fruits of your labor and success through hard work.  It is also a time to reflect on how far you’ve come.  What lessons can you glean from your experiences? 

Closeup of Cards - March 23 2014 002

Faeries are especially interested in the harvest and farmers would often set aside an offering for them.  Part of this was to thank them for a successful season, part was to avoid the wrath of Faeries who may mean them harm.  Much like the balance of light and dark, there are both “light” and “dark” Faeries.  Is there anyone that you need to make peace with?  Are there relationships that must come to an end?  Ties you need to cut so that you may move forward? 

The third card is also a Festival.  Now, at a glance it may seem like this reading is all about parties and fun.  But a great deal of preparation goes into any celebration and that is something we need to remember. 

Closeup of Cards - March 23 2014 003

The card is the Festival of Beltane or “May Day”.  This time marks the beginning of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere.  Here we see a full moon and the Faerie Queen standing on a mound.  The other Faeries are lighting our way.

When the Beltane card appears, it is a sign of strength.  Of flourishing, growth, happiness, love, marriage, new relationships, virility, energy, and fertility. 

Life is a never-ending cycle.  We go through challenging times, take the lessons we are meant to learn, apply them in our own lives, see growth as a result, which in turn prepares us for future lessons.  If you are able to see the lessons and learn from them, you will be able to move forward and enjoy the new life that awaits you.  If you are looking for a new relationship (for example) you have to first do the inner work so that you can bring your best self to that relationship.  This can also be applied to a new job.  Are there any courses that you need to take?  Articles on-line that would provide guidance?  People that you should network with?  Perhaps there is a mentor waiting just around the corner. 

By letting go of relationships and situations that are not working for you, then you open the door to those that will.  If you choose to hang on to that which no longer serves (which is understandable, we all do from time to time) then you have to accept that you will delay your own growth.  But there is a lesson even in that decision.  Perhaps that person/situation has more yet to teach you.  Perhaps you can start to distance yourself or start to set boundaries so that when the time comes, it can be a gentle release.  Follow your intuition.  It will never steer you wrong.

I thought I was finished the reading and was about to publish this post when I had a nagging feeling that something was missing.  I kept hearing “Unicorn”.  So I decided to draw a single card from my new Doreen Virtue deck, “Magical Unicorns”.  Here is the message they have for us.

Unicorn Card March 23

The Simplicity card has this message “Put your energy into the basics, and let go of excess”.  Time to do some Spring Cleaning.  Old love letters, momentos, even clothing your ex left behind will be a block preventing a new relationship from blooming.  A messy office can be standing in the way of new projects coming forward.  A messy kitchen?  If you want to improve your health then removing stale energy is the first place to start.

Every time I’ve done a serious clean of my home, I find things that I thought I lost or forgot I had.  I also find that I have been hanging on to things I no longer need, want, or use.  I have even found a few things that I never liked to begin with.  Let it all go!

Behind the Unicorn, you can see a bridge.  This to me indicates that a new path is waiting to be discovered.  Clear away the clutter and the way forward will also become clear.


My Pietersite Pendant

The crystal that I am drawn to recommend is Pietersite.  It is an excellent stone to help you move through change and let go of any resistance or fear you may have.  While it is a gentle stone, it is also very strong.  It provides emotional support and can enable you to set things in motion.  This can be especially helpful if you feel that you are going through things alone or if things are such that you cannot discuss them openly.


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4 responses to “Guidance from the Faeries – March 23-29 2014

  1. Joey Bortnick

    Thank you for sharing this lovely deck and reading. I appreciate the unicorns so much! I think they do mean that there is something there for us ( a gift) that we cannot see until we unblock the path. They’re elusive, friendly, magical beings that I believe show us the way to our own personal power. The pictures are beautiful enough to enlarge and frame! Respect and Blessings, Joey

  2. Great read! I am going to check out the Fae deck. It oloks really interesting and fruitful. Bendithion! – Morgana

  3. Kelly!
    I am really enjoying your Sunday readings. I gained some insight and loved that you included a stone, the stone that I need this week!

    Thankfully a wonderful friend gifted me a nice piece of Pietersite, and I will unearth it so it can live in my pocket for the rest of the week.

    I love you to bits! Keep it up, I’m so proud of you!

  4. Cyndi/Alana

    Thank you for this reading Nimue! It resonates releasing and embracing for me. Hanging onto what no longer serves us prevents our growth and the arrival of amazing blessings. This is a lovely way to start the week.
    Blessings in Sisterhood,

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