Shelfie Saturday! The Super Deluxe Extended Director’s Cut.

Welcome to a super deluxe edition of SHELFIE SATURDAY!

A few years ago, I moved two bookcases downstairs because (although I had room for them upstairs) it was too crowded and cluttered for my taste.  I also moved a lot of my books down there.  I am fairly certain they were organized at some point but over time things were shuffled about and put “wherever”.

So I decided to tidy things up a bit.  It’s not finished, by any means (I have to clean up my office and am fairly certain there is at least one stack of books there that will need to be moved downstairs) but I wanted to share it.

Shelfie Saturday - 02.08.14 001

First up, we have my fiction hardcovers.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  Most of them are fiction, I also have biographies by Tori Amos and Susanne Vega, as well as three coffee table books about Oscar Wilde.  The stack in the middle are poetry, quotes, and classics.  One of which is “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde.  I am familiar with the story but haven’t read the book yet, so I am really looking forward to it.

Shelfie Saturday - 02.08.14 002

Next up, fiction softcover.  Included is the vampire trilogy by Whitley Striber which I loved.  I am a HUGE David Bowie fan, so needless to say I saw “The Hunger” long before I read the book.  I highly recommend all three and will definitely do a post on the trilogy in the future.

Shelfie Saturday - 02.08.14 003

The third shelfie is my collection of children’s books, most of which are hard-cover picture books.  When I was a child, I had a large collection and almost all of which were lost in a housefire, which is truly heartbreaking.  At any rate, I have managed to find some beautiful books – many of which were published in the UK and found in the bargain section at Chapters.  The edition of Peter Pan was all done with actors and photography, rather than traditional illustrations and is absolutely breathtaking.  I think I bought 4 extra copies for baby shower gifts.

Shelfie Saturday - 02.08.14 004

Last but certainly not least, is my collection of hardcover coffee table books on various subjects.  My favorite among these is probably “Remarkable Trees of the World”.  It was a book that I coveted for months, until I had saved up enough dreampoints and staff bonus giftcards to get it.  All of the other books were found in… you guessed it… the bargain section.  Were it not for bargain books, my library would be a sad sight, indeed.  Oh, and the little mouse is actually a doorstop that I bought while I was away for a girls weekend in Canmore.  I found him in a cute little shop and just had to bring him home.  Until now, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with him but he makes the perfect bookend, don’t you think?

I hope you enjoyed this super deluxe edition of Shelfie Saturday!  I am currently in the midst of my fabulous 4 day weekend and should get back to work.



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2 responses to “Shelfie Saturday! The Super Deluxe Extended Director’s Cut.

  1. Looks nice! It’s a great feeling to clear the clutter. I see lots of Stephen King…nice! I love the little mouse, he looks very strong. 🙂

    • Thanks! Yes, it’s nice to see it all organized. Now at least I can see what I have. I used to have more Stephen King but unfortunately, they were loaned out to people and never returned. 😦

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