Treasure Hunt!

Look what I found! 

Chapters Vest

It’s my vest from Chapters.   I am fairly certain I was supposed to give that back on my last day but I obviously felt some inexplicable need to keep it.  You’ll notice my Harry Potter button/ribbon combo – which I could probably sell on eBay.  I also have another Harry Potter pin promoting the release of  the DVD.  Now that I think of it, that vest is a goldmine!

Look what else I found. 

Books Books Books!

My little handy dandy notebook.  It was in the pocket of my vest, right where I left it.  I carried that with me all the time and jotted down the name/ISBN of all the books I thought looked interesting and that I might like to add to my library someday.  There are at least 5 pages just like this one and I am sad to say only a fraction of these books came home with me.

Speaking of my library, I recently posted a pile of 12 books that I own but haven’t yet read.  After posting that, I was reminiscing about the book fair and suddenly recalled getting a copy of “Mercy” by Melissa York.  She was at the event and told us of her process, which is really interesting.  She wrote the novel in two parts, then printed a copy and proceeded to literally cut the stories up and pasted them back together in order to combine them.  So there she was on the floor, with strips of her story all about her, slowly putting it together strip by strip.  When you stop and think about it, that’s sort of a treasure hunt as well.

I have had that book in particular for at least 9 years and yet until now I haven’t been “ready” for it.  For a brief moment, I was concerned that “Mercy” had been dispatched along with the pile of other books that I had decided I wouldn’t get to a few years ago and I had lost it forever.  So I took another trip downstairs and searched through the bookcases.  Nothing.  I glanced down and found a large grocery bag filled with the books that I had brought from my office when I renovated it and hadn’t gotten around to putting on the shelves yet.  VOILA!  There it was, along with 4 others that I had forgotten about but can’t wait to dig into.  (note to self : organize your books, stat!)

5 more books

I will post my thoughts on each title as I read them and hope to have the first for you very soon.  Until then, have you ever found a book tucked away that you’d totally forgotten about?

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