I’m a quitter.  There.  I said it.  Whew!

I had a lot of time to think over the holiday season this year and decided it was time to get serious about my career.  All I seem to talk about is writing and how great it’s going to be to write full time at home.  But what am I DOING to make that happen?  More importantly, what am I doing to ensure it’s NOT going to happen?

Statement of Intent

I cancelled my satellite service a year ago and guess what?  I still get three channels – for FREE!  One distraction and expense gone.  Guess what else!  I don’t miss it.  I only turn my TV on three times a week, sometimes less and only for 6-9 hours a week, max.  Compared to the 30-50 hours a week I was wasting staring at the magic box in my living room, I have almost entirely quit TV and it’s fabulous!  Now, if I can quit watching online, I’ll be set.  I don’t want to cut it out of my life forever (I get a lot of great ideas and a much needed break from reality), but it’s time to put a limit on how much online shenanigans I get up to in the average evening.

Next, going through the FB account and deleting any “friends”, groups, and pages that I have “liked” that I need to quit.   (note to self : FB makes it frustratingly difficult to “unlike” pages so be a bit more discerning about which pages you add moving forward)  I am amazed at how much junk I have accumulated because I thought it might prove interesting at some point.  That, my friends, is cyber-hoarding.

I have three e-mail accounts, which may seem like much but each serves a very specific purpose.  But I am going to go through them again and clean them out.  I need to quit e-mail lists that are cyber junk-mail.  Getting 60 e-mails a day doesn’t make you important.  It makes you distracted and disorganized.  But we all do it.  Some of it is well-meaning – e-mail for certain charities that you intend to support or want to learn more about.  Or perhaps it’s for a friend’s home-based business.  But do you REALLY need to be distracted/bombarded by updates and appeals for business?  You know they sell Tupperware.  You have their contact info.  If you get a sudden urge to add another salad spinner or juice jug to your life, you know who to call.  No disrespect to Tupperware, because I love it to bits n pieces.  But unless one of your characters is a Tupperware sales rep, get off their mailing list and back to writing!

Interestingly enough, Kristen Lamb just wrote a blog post about this very thing (not Tupperware, but quitting anything and everything that’s a distraction from your writing).  It further cemented my convictions and was a sign from the Literary Gods that I am indeed on the right track.  Swing by and take a look!  Be sure and tell her I sent you.


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