182 days.  That’s how long it’s been since I found out about the Author Quest.

Last night, I spent the better part of three (or maybe it was four) hours doing a final read-through of my submission.  The first 10 thousand words that may change the course of my life.  It’s already had a huge impact.  I would be lying if I even attempted to say otherwise.

So I sat here in the glow of my laptop screen, staring at the “submit” button for what seemed like a lifetime.  In an effort to block out the world and calm my nerves, I put on my headphones and turned up “Celtic Mystique”.  I looked over every part of my submission.  Triple checking and then checking again.  Making sure every detail was exactly as I wanted. 

Then, I did it.  I clicked the button.

Dec 21 2013 001

There was no turning back.  No more revisions.  No more proofreading.  Nothing left to do but wait.  182 days of pouring everything I had into the world of Thra and those who dwell there.  Evenings and weekends secluded in my kitchen, flipping through the pages of my beloved binder, making notes, meeting new characters and creatures.  An entire Saturday several weeks back spent pouring over the film, making detailed notes of things that I had not yet noticed before.  Pausing the DVD over and over again because the fact is I cannot physically write as fast as my thoughts come pouring forward or as fast as I catch glimpses of something on the screen that may hold great importance later on.

I loved every moment and am beyond grateful that Brian Froud posted the announcement on his Facebook page 182 days ago. 

So much so that I have decided I don’t want it to end.  So, I have set a new deadline and am going to finish the story.  I thought I might be burned out and need a break.  I considered moving on to my next novel.  But that would mean abandoning the Gelfling, the Mystics, Augra, and even the Skeksis.  I just can’t do that.  Based on the number of ideas that came forward today, I don’t think they’d let me.

I promised myself that if I made my deadline I would take a day off and treat myself.  I went to see “The Hobbit” today with my parents and my nephew, then out to dinner at a fabulous restaurant called “Famoso”.  It is, quite simply, the BEST pizza I have ever had.  Definitely food for the creative mind.  Don’t even get me started on the gelato.  If you have both a “Famoso” and a writer in your life, take them for dinner.  Believe me.  They need it and they will thank you profusely for it.

After an absolutely wonderful day, it’s back to work on “The Gelfling Gathering”.  I only have until Feb 1 to finish and I have another 40 thousand-ish words to write.  But thankfully I seem to have hit a groove and am really looking forward to the rest of this journey.


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