Meet the Hooligans!

I share my home and my heart with four dogs (three Italian Greyhounds and a Whippet), as well as a cat who would be happy if the dogs moved out.

I come from a dog show background.  Interestingly enough, the film “Best in Show” is actually fairly accurate and my Mom had an opportunity to be in the film, but she declined.  As a result, I have always lived with multiple dogs.  I thought my max was three and was determined it would stay that way, but I ended up with a fourth last summer.

I will probably mention the Hooligans from time to time.  Like the fact it’s great that they’re trained to ring a bell when they need to go outside.  Unfortunately, they soon learned that if they ring the bell, I will get up and go to the back door.  Which, coincidentally is also quite near the pantry where the cookies are kept.

A black Whippet has a minor role in “Believe” and a project that is still in development features a Scottish Deerhound as a major character.  I will probably work a Sighthound into everything I do.  It’s hard not to.

Anyhow, I felt it an introduction was in order so that when I do mention them, it’s not out of left field. 

Dogs July 2012 013

This is Ari.  He was the first to arrive at the age of 4 months and is 8 yrs old now.  Where does the time go?

Trance and his toys in the sunbeam

Then Trance joined the crew.  He was over a year old at the time and the same age as Ari.  Every day, Trance brings a selection of toys into the kitchen so he can sit with them in the sunbeam.  Not sure if he just likes to be surrounded by toys or if he’s trying to take up as much space as possible.  Sun beam hog.

My love of Sighthounds started with a Whippet named “Diana”.  When she passed away, I was offered a “spirited” puppy and (like the idiot I am), I said yes.  I love her, but she’s nothing like her aunt.  It may be because Diana was already 7 when she came to live with me and I had never experienced the wonder of owning a Whippet puppy.  They don’t call them “landsharks” for nothing.  More on that another time…

Nov 11 2012 019

“Hello!  My name is Tango.  I like to comb the kitty’s hair… with my teeth.”

Izzy was the last to join the Clan a year ago, at the age of 11.  A former milldog, she has a lot of healing to do, needs to learn to trust people, and has taught me many lessons in patience.

Izzy's New Bed 008

Last, but certainly not least.  This is Fergus.

Dec 3 2013 002

Looking impressed, as always.  Seriously, Fergus is a lovely kitty.  Although I love him a lot less at 4 am when he suddenly decides that he needs to go out.  NOW.  Or he will die.  Horribly and with a lot of fanfare.                                                                                                                                           


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