Let it snow, let it snow, let it… BAM!

I’ve written about how I have this fantasy of being snowed in.  How I would pass the time by the fire with a cup of tea and writing.  Ah… bliss!

Shhh.  What’s that?


Oh, hey reality.  Who invited you to the party?

Mother Nature must have gotten wind of my thoughts on Sunday, because she went nuts!  I mean, she REALLY let us have it!  Guns blazin’, take-no-prisoners, you better get yourself some Sorel boots and a balaclava – STAT! Dec 3 2013 004

Thankfully, my friend and co-worker Chelsea Bates (Oh My Audio) lives just around the corner.  So we traversed the tundra together in her car while mine sat buried under several feet of snow.  When Wednesday arrived, I figured I had better start digging or just accept the fact I would be without a vehicle until the spring thaw.

Each of us took up our shovels and set out to work.  I am grateful that the snow was still light and fluffy at that point because another day and it would have been like hauling cement.  We were able to dig out the car and cut a path across the yard to the stairs (partly because there was already sort of a path and partly because we had no idea where the sidewalk was).  When I say “we”, I mean Chelsea.   I did my best to keep up but that girl’s a powerhouse!

Dec 3 2013

The moral of the story?  It always looks good on paper, but the fact is eventually you have to go out into the real world because you’ve run out of groceries.  (No, I don’t!  I can live on saltines and… what is this?  Nevermind…)

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