Kelly isn’t here Mrs. Torrance

So it snowed here yesterday.

Snowy Sunday - Nov 3 004

I actually wouldn’t mind being “snowed in” if I didn’t have an office job that I needed to get to five days a week.  But I do, so I have to put on my big girl pants (as well as my boots) and trudge out there like everyone else.

I’ve written about people’s ideal when it comes to writing.  We all seem to have this perfect scenario where we are left to our own devices, without the drudgery of the everyday intruding upon our little sanctuary. 

On days like this, I envision myself in a cozy little cabin.  I stoke the fire and brew a pot of my favorite tea, then sit at my desk to continue work on my latest project.  It sounds so lovely.  Then my thoughts turn to Jack Torrance from Stephen King’s novel, “The Shining”.  The job as winter caretaker for the Overlook Hotel sounds like the perfect situation for a writer who just needs a little peace and quiet.  Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out so well for the Torrance family.

Jack Nicholson in the famous “Here’s Johnny” scene

Jack Nicholson in the famous “Here’s Johnny” scene (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe a trip into the city and the office, surrounded by people who would definitely notice if I didn’t show up, is a good thing.  Now, to find the shovel…

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