Sleep is overrated, anyway…

This thing is getting very real, very fast.

Warp Drive

Warp Drive (Photo credit: Out.of.Focus)

I hit another bump in the road with the project I am working on.  I think I may have overcome it but it took almost 2 weeks.   That may not sound like a long time, but when you’re shootin’ down the highway at warp speed toward a deadline that’s screaming in your face in a vehicle you are pretty sure is far too large for you to be attempting to steer on your own, it’s an eternity and yet goes by in the blink of an eye.

To put it simply, I am freaking out.  I organized my binder, which I felt would make the process easier and I’m sure it will.  As soon as I can manage to get back to work.

 Author Quest - organized binder

* Sidenote :  Is it wrong that the sight of this makes me squeal with glee?

I am a linear writer.  When I am formulating a story line, I typically start with a question – “What would happen if?” – and go from there.  Sometimes I have the beginning and the end of a story figured out pretty quickly.  I just have to wait and see how they manage to get from point A to point Z.

So when I find myself stuck, I can’t just skip that part and come back to it later.  Well, technically I can.  But I don’t.  There’s no point, when everything that comes after hinges on where the story decides to take me.  So I wait until I can clear the clutter and uncover the answer waiting beneath it all.

Sometimes all it takes is for me to walk away for a few minutes.  Other times, it haunts me for days – or in this case, weeks.  Panic sets in and I find myself losing sleep.  I’m not a great sleeper to begin with, so it doesn’t take much in the way of encouragement for insomnia to take over.  While I’m laying in bed not sleeping, my mind is working overtime.  I tell myself to just get up and go write.  But I have to work in the morning, so writing until the sun comes up is out of the question.  Besides, in this state of near-exhaustion I wouldn’t get much accomplished anyway.  

I think the only thing that’s saving my sanity at this point is the fact that I still have 6 days vacation time coming and have to use it by Dec 31.  Which, interestingly enough, is the deadline for this project.  So I will take a deep breath, collect my thoughts, do the research that I am pretty sure is going to get me past this detour and back on my merry little way.  


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3 responses to “Sleep is overrated, anyway…

  1. I don’t have the luxury of writing until the sun comes up either. The day job gets me to bed early and wakes me early. Good luck with your project. I’m sure you’ll meet your deadline. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Jill. I took a break from the project and it seems to have helped. It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada, which means a three day weekend. I look forward to putting that extra time to good use. 🙂

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